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IRS Tax Audit Help

Professional IRS Tax Audit Help Can Make a Huge Difference

Every year around tax time, a word that strikes fear into the hearts of business owners everywhere is the word, "Audit!". It's not that hard to handle an audit, and a professional IRS tax audit service can make a huge difference in your business staying in compliance. IRS tax audits happen to the best of us, and if it happens to you, the methodical approach of an expert accountant will get you through it. This expert can help you gather the needed information and will guide you through the process until it is completed. 

How to Handle an Audit

The first thing you must realize if you receive a letter from the IRS asking for an audit is that it doesn't mean you've done something wrong. The IRS collects data to determine statistical norms for various income groups, and it often selects people to audit at random. It will also request an audit if something in your tax return does not make sense, or if there are apparent discrepancies from one year to the next. Often, there may simply be a small discrepancy of some kind that can easily be explained.

For this reason, don't react negatively or with trepidation if faced with an impending audit. Simply be proactive and answer each question that the IRS asks. If it's a mail audit, doing this may be all that's needed to take care of it. If they wish to see you in person, having a professional accountant along to help represent you will make the whole process proceed more smoothly.

How to Avoid an Audit

The very best way of all to handle an audit is to try and make sure that one never happens. While the matter is not totally under your control, there are steps you can take that will reduce the likelihood of your being audited. The most important way to do this is to file your tax returns on timely and accurately, with documentation to back up each deduction or tax position that you have taken. It also helps to have a tax accountant who assists you with tax preparation each year and to use the same accountant every year. This way, records are kept of your annual tax return and there are few questions that the IRS will ever need to ask about you because all of the pertinent information is all right there for them to see. Then, if somehow you do get audited, your accountant will be there to help you settle the matter quickly and efficiently.

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